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Massage Winter Springs FL

Signature Custom Aromatherapy

Features Aroma Design Bar & Intentional Aromatherapy App

Create a personal blend for your own intentions using the Intentional Aromatherapy App. Using the essential oil blend you created, your therapist will craft a massage that is customized to your needs. Enjoy the individualized care of both the powerful essential oils from nature and the targeted bodywork that is just right for you!

60 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $145

Stress Relief Massage

I UNWIND Intentional Aromatherapy Blend

This massage utilizes soothing strokes and hypnotic essential oils to create a relaxed state, designed to lull you to a more peaceful place. It stimulates circulation and improves overall well-being. 90 minutes is highly recommended.

60 minutes - $90

90 minutes - $120

Deep Tissue Massage

I RENEW Intentional Aromatherapy Blend

This deep restorative treatment focuses on small muscle injuries and chronic muscle problems. It zones in on muscles with strong, constant pressure to ease soreness and discomfort. The muscle will push back and relax, providing much-needed relief.

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $160

Massage For Two

I LOVE Intentional Aromatherapy Blend

Life is better when shared! This relaxing and personal treatment is customized for two people receiving side by side from two different therapists. It provides pampering and rejuvenation in a quiet, intimate setting. Stress melts away in this blissful experience and retreat of dual decadence for overall well-being. Enjoy with a spouse, friend or family member.

60 minutes $160 | 90 minutes $220

Prenatal Massage

Features I BIRTH Intentional Aromatherapy Blend

This treatment is a comfortable, stress-reducing massage that uses gentle and mild pressure. Sea buckthorn berry and rosehip oils are used to help keep skin supple and nourished and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It soothes aching muscles and pains often experienced during pregnancy and helps with depression. Specific benefits include remedying lower back pain, headaches, leg cramps, sciatica, stiffness, tension and knots.

60 minutes - $99

90 minutes - $129

Stretch Sport

I PLAY Intentional Aromatherapy Blend

A massage that is deeply relaxing and aids in improving mobility. Stretching, compressions and deep tissue techniques are used to unlock patterns of chronic tension. Deeply relaxing, this massage leaves you with a feeling of fluid mobility. Ideal for people with sports injuries, chronic spasms, pain and discomfort associated with hard work and play.

60 minutes - $99

90 minutes - $129


30 minutes - $45


Winter Springs Massage Enhancements

Aroma Design Bar

Design your aromatherapy experience for any massage and take home your customized aromatherapy massage oil.


Hot Stones


Himalayan Salt Stone


Eco Paraffin for Hands or Feet


Foot Scrub or Hand Scrub


Back Scrub




Peppermint Scalp Massage


Arnica Muscle Repair


CBD Balm